Your guitar

A handmade guitar is like a tailor made suit. It can happen that you find a standard suit that fits you perfectly, but it’s rare. Usually a special guitar is built for the special musician.

People looking for handmade guitars have generally decided that they can’t find the perfect instrument in the industrial production series. They are looking for a step change in quality and are looking for a unique instrument, that meets their needs and expectations to the fullest. The instrument will express their talent and musical feel with no compromises generally dictated by necessary harmonisation standards of the industry.

The construction process starts here, through a conversation with the customer to assess and evaluate every detail:
the choice of woods, paramount for sound and aestetics. The luthier will guide you in a search for the required instrument dynamics,
the body shape;
the curvature of top and back,
the neck profile and grip;
the optionals
the diapason
The strings…
…the components that will lead to the final instrument are countless.

Above all, the guitar is built for the musician and the luthier will offer guidance and suggestions in order to bring to life every wish. The ideal is a visit to the workshop to touch and smell the woods, listen to some of the guitars and review some of the aesthetics and design outcomes. Talking with the luthier you will shape your wish into words, and make the right material and construction choices.
Also it is important for the luthier to study the musician ergonomics, how he/she holds the guitar, sitting position, how the instrument is embraced, how the neck is held, the hand dimensions and spread…

…This journey is only the beginning of the tailoring work that will lead me, step by step, to design and build a unique instrument.