About me

My name is Andrea Gnecchi and I was born in Milan in 1969.
I developed a passion for guitars at the age of 15, studying classical, fingerpicking and jazz guitar.
The passion for this instrument went alongside with a natural handcrafting skill, leading me to my first self-taught construction.

As I practiced the making of some classical and acoustic instruments I also progressed with in-depth, focused studies of the works and techniques of great past and contemporary luthiers such as: A. de Torres, H. Hauser, J. L. Romanillos, E. Somogyi…

Over the years I perfectioned my construction technique making instruments of higher quality and performance, focusing on aesthetic details, finish and decorations which I personally design to make every guitar a unique piece.

The sound is the heart of every gutar, and subject to continuous research ranging from the choice of woods, to the study of structures and dynamics, to the ergonomy and instrument playability.

In 2021 a dream comes true and I decide to give birth to Sail Guitars, where I link my two great passions: guitars and sailing, receving from the latter inspiration for construction details, finish and decorations.

The passion and experience I built through the years is present today in all my instruments, classical and acoustic guitars and acoustic basses, and in my research for perfection and shape, sound and details balance.

Sail Guitars.