All Sail Guitars instruments (guitars and basses) are made with first choice woods which I personally select.

I use European and Val di Fiemme spruce for tops, cedar for Flamenco guitars.

Back and sides are mainly in indian or brasilian (on request) rosewood for their premium resonance characteristics. Other woods can be evaluated based on specific requests for sounds or aesthetics.

Necks are in Kaya Mahogany or Spanish Cedar and in maple.
Fretboards and bridges are in rosewood or ebony.

Costruzione 2
Costruzione 1

Internal ribs are made from spruce lots with the best rigidity/weight ratio to obtain the optimal dynamic response from the instrument.

All woods are seasoned for several years in a humidity and temperature controlled environment.

Fretboards are traditional or fanned, available both on acoustic and classical guitars.

Diapason can be customized according to customer requests, always respecting established construction parameters.

Rosettes, engravings and bindings are all of original design and made in wood or MOP.

I french polish my instruments, which I believe gives the best visual and acoustic response.

The costruction journey of an instrument is a fascinating one.
When the instrument is yours, it is worth following this journey step by step. Every instrument comes with a photographic book which describes the contruction process in every detail.
You’ll see your how your instrument is born and develops and you will see the outcome of every choice we’ll have made along the way.

All instruments are covered by a lifetime warranty against construction or material defects.